Time Make Changes

Time Make Changes is a short read about an interesting day in the life of Linda MacGregor. Linda and her husband James return to Scotland to retire after living over thirty five years in London. She attends a school reunion where she catches up with old school classmates that she hasn’t seen for over forty-five years. In her mind she compares how they were then to how they are now with some hilariously funny, happy, and sad results.

The story is ‘down-to-earth’ with the universal types of people that everyone comes across in real life. Linda’s experiences will ring true with anyone who has ever been to a class reunion. Personal secrets are revealed: some people have improved with age, some have not, and Linda’s old school pals have some humorously sexy and naughty gossip that will take you by surprise.

So share a stroll down memory lane with Linda MacGregor and those she who she meets along the way …

March 2013 - Sample pages from my latest book, 'Time Makes Changes'......

Linda kissed her husband James on the cheek as she climbed out of the car.
‘Call me on your mobile phone when you’re ready to leave and I’ll come back and pick you up, I won’t be far away’ said James. He had arranged to visit his nephew Adam nearby, while Linda attended a school reunion Linda dusted herself down, she hoped that she dressed appropriately in her black trousers, red top and black ‘swing’ jacket. She wore a string of large black beads and matching earrings to set off her outfit and was nervous as she approached the main school doorway of the old red brick building.

This was the headmaster and teacher’s entrance when she was a pupil and the only other time she ever crossed it was when she attended the school dances back in the early 1960’s. James waited in the car until she got to the door; she turned and waved to him before he pulled away. Linda opened the heavy wooden door then went straight to the ladies toilet. This was the first time she had been in there as this was the teacher’s toilet, in her day the pupils had to use outside toilets in the playground.
Linda proceeded to spike up her hair and apply red lipstick to match her top. She looked at herself in the mirror and gave a big nervous sigh as she said to herself, ‘Right let’s get this business out of the way!’ As Linda looked around her old school gym, the memories came flooding back of Miss Blake, her gym mistress. In her mind she could see Miss Blake standing there in the corner wearing her tweed skirt, open necked white blouse resembling a man’s shirt, and masculine lace up brown shoes. Her short grey wavy hair was always combed to the side with no effort made whatsoever to improve her appearance.
She had a whistle in her hand attached to a red ribbon round her neck and a frown on her face that meant she was ready to blast some poor schoolgirl.

Suddenly Linda was brought back to the present time with a friendly voice, ‘A penny for them’. ‘Oh!’ laughed Linda as she jumped with surprise.
‘Sorry if I startled you,’ said the good looking gentleman in his 60’s. He had a ruddy complexion, thick black hair and piercing blue eyes behind rimless spectacles. ‘I was miles away. No correction, I was back in the 1960’s,’ answered Linda with a sigh.
‘This is my first school reunion. What about you? What year were you?’ The good looking gentleman asked Linda. ‘This is my first school reunion, too, and 1963,’ replied Linda.
‘Oh, you’re only a young thing. I was 1961. What’s you’re name?’ He smiled? ‘Linda Alexander, sorry, I mean Linda MacGregor.
Alexander is my married name; I knew some of the pupils in the years above me from the youth clubs,’ Linda told him.
‘The youth club? Which one are you talking about?’ he enquired.
‘I used to go to one that was through a close and below the tenements in Springburn Road. It was also a scout hall and apparently it served as an air raid shelter in the Second World War,’ answered Linda.
‘Sounds like the same place I went to!’ He answered. ‘Yeah? We had some good times back then.
Do you remember a band from our school that played there? God, I can’t remember their name but the two school hunks played guitars and sang in that band. Most of the girls, including me, just went there to ‘swoon over them!’ Reminisced Linda with a giggle.
‘Was the band you’re talking about called ‘The Blackjacks?’ asked the gentleman.
‘Yes! What a good memory you have. How did you manage to remember that from all those years ago?’ ‘Well, it was me who gave the band that name’ he replied. Linda looked puzzled.
‘Why did they let you name the band?’ she enquired.
‘I’m Liam Roberts, lead guitarist with The Blackjacks,’ he said.
Linda felt herself blush from her toes upwards; here she was almost 50 years later, talking to one of the school’s heart throbs and feeling like a shy giggly school girl again. Who would have blamed her for not recognising him, after all it was almost half a century since she last clapped eyes on him, but he was still quite dishy for his age.
‘You’re Liam Roberts? Yes, now I can see it but I would never have guessed,’ smiled Linda.
‘Well I’m flattered to hear about the girls swooning and here was me thinking that they were coming to hear my ‘Hank Marvin’ impressions on the guitar while all the time they were only after my body,’ laughed Liam.
Linda wished she had realised who he was before she had confessed to her schoolgirl crush on him. ‘So what happened to your pal Tony? Did you both carry on playing in the band?’ Linda asked him.
‘Yes, we have stuck together for years. We played in a number of bands and our music has taken us to many places in the UK, Europe and cruise ships,’ replied Liam.
‘That’s really interesting. Are you still in touch with each other?’ Linda asked ‘Oh Yes, do you see that thin, bald guy over there talking to the three women in the corner?’ Linda nodded.
‘That’s Tony’ said Liam. Time Makes Changes Linda gasped as she caught sight of a little old bald man with, white eyebrows.
‘Well it looks like he hasn’t lost his touch, still chatting the girls up after all these years!’ laughed Linda. Liam lowered his chin and looked at Linda over the top of his glasses; he had a cheeky smirk on his face that led Linda to believe he knew something more.
‘Anyway, how has life treated you over the years?’ Liam asked Linda.
She went on to tell him about how she had met and married James Alexander, moved down to live in south London for more than 30 years.
They had worked hard, came through lots of obstacles on the way—but it all paid off. In the end they had a good life, but missed their beloved Scotland so much that they both decided to come home to retire.
The only down side was that their three children and five grandchildren were still living down south in London, but she and James had the advantage of travelling down to stay with them regularly.
The children came up to spend school holidays with them.
‘That’s the one thing I miss at my age is grandchildren! ‘Oh there’s plenty of time yet,’ Linda said caringly.
‘That would be difficult,’ said Liam, he paused and carried on. ‘You see I don’t have any kids to give me grandchildren’. Linda felt awkward and worried that she had upset Liam.
‘Oh I’m so sorry’ said Linda sympathetically.
‘Oh don’t worry; it’s just one of those things, an impossible dream really,’ replied Liam.
Linda assumed there had been fertility problems and felt that was personal so didn’t pursue the conversation.
Just at that moment Tony came over and handed Liam a glass of wine………………..

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